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It was difficult to describe the feeling of Antioch being closed, as I mentioned at the start. Like losing a part of myself? Family? A home? Some of those things, but nothing fit it perfectly. At the 60/70's alumni gathering, I spoke with an alum who compared it to losing a nation - we were becoming ex-pats. I liked this idea, and brought it up a little later, when I was at the 80's+ alum gathering. An alum from the 80's spoke up and said, roughly:

"I was born in one of the very few countries in the world to disappear in the last 20 years (Somalia). It was a beautiful place to be and grow up, and now it's not. Losing Antioch is the same feeling."

Consider, historically, the strength of feeling from people chasing their tribes or nations. Consider the Poles, nationless and rebellious for 130 years. Or the Palestinians and Israelis, each considering the same land home, for the last 60 years.

This is how we care.
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